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Multiclass Participant Memorandum (MPM)

MPM 13-05: The Exclusion of Non SF MBS Pool Types as Collateral in the Ginnie Mae Platinum Securities Program

Published Date: 12/3/2013

The purpose of this Multiclass Participants Memorandum is to inform interested parties in the Ginnie Mae Multiclass Securities Program of a change in policy regarding the eligible collateral requirements for Ginnie Mae Platinum Securities.

Effective for Ginnie Mae Platinum Securities settling December 2013, and thereafter, Ginnie Mae is prohibiting the inclusion of MJM pools in Ginnie Mae Platinum Securities. Until further notice, only Ginnie Mae I XSF, Ginnie Mae II CSF and MSF pools and Ginnie Mae Platinum XSP, MSP, XJP and MJP securities are eligible collateral for Ginnie Mae Platinum Securities. Ginnie Mae is upgrading its systems to expand the acceptance of certain Ginnie Mae MBS as collateral for inclusion Ginnie Mae Platinum Securities.

Please call George Rose in Ginnie Mae’s Office of Capital Markets at (202) 475-4924 with any questions or comments regarding his announcement.

Online Library Link: MPM 13-05