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MBS Guide: Chapters​

Chapters found in the MBS Guide can be accessed via our online library (powered by AllRegs) or downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF) from this page. Please click herearrow to downloa​d Adobe Acrobat Reader.

MBS Guide Chapters
Chapter 01General Features of the Program8/1/2013
Chapter 02Eligibility Requirements - Approval as a Ginnie Mae Issuer11/10/2014
Chapter 03Eligibility Requirements - Maintaining Ginnie Mae Issuer Status9/8/2015
Chapter 04Issuers and Subcontract Servicers - Responsibilities7/1/2016
Chapter 05Issuers - Risks and Liabilities8/1/2013
Chapter 06Fees10/1/2016
Chapter 07Application for Approval as a Ginnie Mae Issuer7/22/2014
Chapter 08Application for Commitment Authority & Pool and Loan Package Numbers12/16/2013
Chapter 09Eligible Mortgages, Pools and Loan Packages1/1/2017
Chapter 10Assembling and Submitting Pool and Loan Package Issuance Documents10/1/2016
Chapter 11Pool and Loan Package Certification1/6/2017
Chapter 12The Prospectus, Securities, and Securities Marketing8/1/2013
Chapter 13Document Custodians - Eligibility and Responsibilities1/6/2017
Chapter 14Pool and Loan Package Administration - General5/16/2014
Chapter 15Payments to Security Holders7/1/2016
Chapter 16Custodial Accounts12/3/2015
Chapter 17Pool, Loan Package, and Loan Accounting and Reporting7/1/2016
Chapter 18Mortgage Delinquency and Default5/16/2014
Chapter 19Reporting Remaining Principal Balances9/18/2015
Chapter 20Maturity or Termination of Pool8/1/2013
Chapter 21Transfers and Pledges9/1/2015
Chapter 22Converting Ginnie Mae I Pool to Ginnie Mae II Pools8/1/2013
Chapter 23Conditions for Default - Ginnie Mae Remedies8/1/2013
Chapter 24Single-Family, Level Payment Pools and Loan Packages10/1/2016
Chapter 25Buydown Mortgage Pools10/1/2009
Chapter 26Adjustable Rate Mortgage Pools and Loan Packages8/21/2014
Chapter 27Graduated Payment Mortgage Pools and Loan Packages7/1/2010
Chapter 28Growing-Equity Mortgage Pools and Loan Packages7/1/2010
Chapter 29Serial Note Pools10/1/2007
Chapter 30Manufactured Home Loan Pools and Loan Packages10/1/2010
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