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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

This FAQ is for summary purposes only. All terms and conditions of the MBS Program are in the applicable Guaranty Agreement and the Guide. Where there is any inconsistency between this FAQ and the applicable Guaranty Agreement or the Guide, the provisions of the applicable Guaranty Agreement or the Guide will govern.
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When reporting a correction on the Various Loan Record, should other unchanged numeric fields on the Various Loan Record contain zeros or blanks?
How should an Issuer report a correction on the Various Loan Record that involves the “Refinance Type” field in the following scenario? An Issuer had previously-reported a loan with a “Loan Purpose” value of “2-Refinance Loan” and a “Refinance Type” value of “1-Not Streamlined, Not Cash Out”, and now the issuer wants to correct the “Loan Purpose” to a value of “1-Purchase” (e.g., no longer a Refinance “Loan Purpose”).
Will the custodian be required to maintain the Unique Loan Identifier for reporting purposes?
What if more than one data element has been modified in a loss mitigation loan? What value should we select in the “Previous Loss Mitigation Flag”?
Is the file format for Single-Family Import File layout a flat file text format? 
Is the export file format changing within GinnieNet? 
For RFS Loan Record reporting (beginning with the September 2011 reporting period), does the “Loan T&I Balance” field need to be reported for both the single-family and multifamily programs?
When reporting a correction on the Various Loan Record, where the previously reported value needs to be removed, how should this be reported on the Various Loan Record (e.g., set a Various Loan Record field to blank)?
If I correct the “Loan Purpose” field value on the Various Loan Record that was previously reported as a“1 - Purchase” or “2 - Refinance to a Loan Modification value (values “3” or “4”), how does this affect the reporting of fields 17 – 20 (Pre-Modification data fields)?
The Sensitive Loan Record has the following specific reporting instruction: “If there is a change to report in one or more of the five borrower fields in the “Sensitive” data record, the Issuer should submit all borrower fields for reprocessing, including those for which there are no changes.” Does the Various Loan Record require a similar instruction about reporting all fields?