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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

This FAQ is for summary purposes only. All terms and conditions of the MBS Program are in the applicable Guaranty Agreement and the Guide. Where there is any inconsistency between this FAQ and the applicable Guaranty Agreement or the Guide, the provisions of the applicable Guaranty Agreement or the Guide will govern.
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How is Ginnie Mae different from the GSEs – Fannie and Freddie?
What happens if an Issuer fails? How does that impact Ginnie Mae?
How has the current market environment affected Ginnie Mae's business?
Is Ginnie Mae changing its net worth standards?
Is Ginnie Mae reluctant to take on more lenders?
Does Ginnie Mae have a target number of Issuers they will accept into the program?
Some lenders have complained about the slow Issuer approval process. Why does it take so long to approve?
How long does it take to find out if an Issuer application has been approved?
Ginnie Mae President, Ted Tozer, has talked about reducing the concentration of larger banks. Is that something that Ginnie Mae is actively doing?
The RFS Various Loan Record exception feedback for first-time homebuyer indicator states "E-VARY103 Loan Purpose cannot be not 1 when First-Time Homebuyer Indicator is not reported." Is that correct?