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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

This FAQ is for summary purposes only. All terms and conditions of the MBS Program are in the applicable Guaranty Agreement and the Guide. Where there is any inconsistency between this FAQ and the applicable Guaranty Agreement or the Guide, the provisions of the applicable Guaranty Agreement or the Guide will govern.
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Will Ginnie Mae provide historical loan-level data?
Where is the Issue Type (X, C, M) located for the loan-level information?
What will be the data value be if the information is not available?
Ginnie Mae has a data dictionary for the pool-level data. Will there be a data dictionary for loan level?
I have contacted my lender and loan servicer to avoid foreclosure but I'm having difficulty communicating with them. What should I do?
My mortgage company told me that Ginnie Mae does not allow consumers with home loans under your investment to defer a payment and add it to the end of the loan. Is this true?
What is the minimum amount of time that mortgage insurance premiums must be paid if the equity requirement has been satisfied?
I need assistance finding public housing. Can Ginnie Mae help me?
As an investor in Ginnie Mae securities, I have not received my remittance check(s). Can you help me?
I have a Ginnie Mae certificate. How much is it worth and what do I do with it?