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Factor Correction for 4 HMBS Pools
Published Date: 9/13/2013

Issuer 4021 (Sunwest) has reported updated Security RPBs and Factors for 4 HMBS pools. The Security RPB and Factors for 4 HMBS Pools have been updated for the most recent report period (August activity, reported in September). See the table below for the list of pools and updated information. Factor files and monthly Disclosure Files will not be updated. Data users should update their systems accordingly.​​

CUSIP #​ ​Pool # ​Updated Security RPB ​Updated Factor
​3620A7XC4 ​721675 ​$15,572,991.88 ​1.07012992
​3620ACMR2 ​725868 ​$17,511,238.57 ​1.06391072
​3620ACMS0 ​725869 ​$14,290,350.28 ​0.86037887
​3620ACMU5 ​725871 ​$14,738,907.46 ​0.966542903