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Loan Level Disclosure Data Correction for loans in Multi Issuer Pools
Published Date: 4/30/2014

In the April 2014 MBS Monthly Loan Level, Ginnie II File (File name “”), which will be published on the Disclosure Data Downloads page on 5/14/14, six loans will disclose with corrections to the loan’s “Buy Down Status (Loan Status)” (from value “N” to a value of “Y”). In previous month’s disclosure files, the values for Buy Down Status for these loans was “N”. The Multi-Issuer Pool IDs and Disclosure Sequence Numbers for the six loans are listed below.

Multi-Issuer Pool ID​ ​Disclosure Sequence Number
​MA1285 1500931963​
MA1449​ ​1501214242
​MA1449 1501214245​
​MA1521 ​1501260731
​MA1522 ​1501326950
​MA1601 ​1501386971

The MBS Monthly Loan Level, Ginnie II Files from previous months will not be corrected; users should update their records accordingly.

For questions related to this correction, please send an email to