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All Participant Memorandum (APM)
APM 13-10: Ginnie Mae Systems Modernization Update
Published Date: 11/1/2013

In APM 13-08, Ginnie Mae Systems Modernization Update, dated August 13, 2013, Ginnie Mae informed Issuers and Document Custodians that four modernized applications would be deployed during the 4th quarter of calendar year 2013. Current paper-based processes are being converted to electronic submissions. The modernized business applications will be available to Issuers and Document Custodians, where applicable, via the Ginnie Mae Enterprise Portal (GMEP) on the dates identified below. These applications include:

• Request Pool Numbers
• Request Commitment Authority
• Submit Master Agreements
• Request Transfer of Issuer Responsibility (Pool Transfer)

The above business applications will require the use of an RSA SecurID Token (Token), except for the Request Pool Numbers application. Failure to obtain, enable and validate Tokens will impede an Issuer's ability to maintain Issuer eligibility.

Request Pool Numbers and Commitment Authority

Effective December 16, 2013 and thereafter, all Issuers must submit Pool Number and Commitment Authority requests electronically through the GMEP.

Currently, Issuers request Pool Numbers and Commitment Authority by completing and submitting the Form HUD-11700, Letter of Transmittal for Commitment Authority and/or Pool Numbers, and Form HUD-11704, Commitment to Guarantee Mortgage-Backed Securities. The newly automated processes allow Issuers to submit requests and receive Pool Numbers and Commitment Authority via GMEP. Ginnie Mae will no longer accept paper submissions after November 29, 2013. Please ensure that you have sufficient Commitment Authority and Pool Numbers during this period.


​Request Pool Number and Commitment Authority

Important Dates​ ​ ​

November 12, 2013​ ​November 29, 2013 ​December 16, 2013
WebEx training and demo will be provided. ​Last Day for Paper submissions. ​Start date for electronic submissions.


Ginnie Mae will provide WebEx training on Requesting Pool Numbers and Commitment Authority on November 12, 2013. The WebEx instructions will be distributed by e-notification no later than November 8, 2013.

Master Agreements

This year, Issuers must re-submit their Master Agreements via GMEP, and will not be required to recertify in GinnieNET. The application will become available December 16, 2013, and Issuers will have until March 31, 2014 to complete the process. There will be no exceptions. Failure to submit all required Master Agreements by this date will impede an Issuer's ability to maintain Issuer eligibility.


Master Agreements

Important Dates​ ​ ​

November 14, 2013​ ​December 16, 2013 ​March 31, 2014
​WexEx training and demo will be provided. ​Start date for electronic submissions. ​Deadline for Master Agreements submission via Portal.


Below is a listing of the Master Agreements to be submitted into GMEP by March 31, 2014.


Master Agreements​ ​
HUD Submission​ ​Method
11702 - Resolution of Board of Directors and Certificate of Authorized Signors​

​Electronic Data Entry;

Scanned Image of Form

11703-II - Master Agreement for Participation Accounting​ Electronic Data Entry​
11707 - Master Servicing Agreement​ ​Electronic Data Entry
11709 - Master Agreement for Servicer's P&I Custodial Account(s)​

​Electronic Data Entry;

Scanned Image of Form

​*11709-A - ACH Debit Authorization ​Electronic Data Entry
​11715 - Master Custodial Agreement ​Electronic Data Entry
11720 - Master Agreement for Servicer's Escrow Custodial Account ​

​Electronic Data Entry;

Scanned Image of Form


*Note: Submit only if there are changes

Issuers must submit a newly executed, complete11702--Resolution of Board of Directors and Certificate of Authorized Signors form on which only the current authorized signors appear. Prior versions will not be acceptable. However, if Issuers executed a new 11702 containing all authorized signatures at the time they obtained their Tokens, that form may be used to meet this requirement.

The annual certification process does not apply to the 11709-A form. All current ACH accounts numbers will be carried over into the modernized application. Issuers should only submit this form if there are changes that need to be made.


Ginnie Mae will provide WebEx training on the new functionality beginning November 12 through 14, 2013. The WebEx instructions will be distributed by e-notification no later than November 8, 2013. The audio courses of the training will be posted to Ginnie Mae's website and online university on November 15 and can be viewed at any time.


Training Opportunities

and Important Dates​ ​

Request Pool Numbers and Commitment Authority

WebEx Training

November 12, 2013 at 2 PM EST​


Recording will be available

for future viewing

Master Agreements

WebEx Training

November 14, 2013 at 2 PM EST​


Recording will be available

for future viewing​

On-Demand Training Courses will be available

November 15, 2013​

Accessible via Ginnie Mae's website

and Ginnie Mae University​

Ginnie Mae Educational Summit

November 18-22, 2013​

Offered as Training Path

last three days​


Transfers of Issuer Responsibility (Pool Transfer)

The Pool Transfer process is completed by multiple parties. The modernized pool transfer application will streamline the process by allowing each party to submit its required documents electronically. To use the new application, each Issuer must have uploaded its Master Agreements to GMEP. As previously stated, Master Agreements must be uploaded no later than March 31, 2014. Beginning April 1, 2014, all requests for transfers of Issuer responsibility must be submitted through the new application. Requests received by Ginnie Mae prior to April 1, 2014 will continue to follow the existing paper process.

RSA SecurID Token

Users must receive, enable and validate their Tokens prior to submitting requests for Commitment Authority, Master Agreements and Transfer of Issuer Responsibility. Issuers and Document Custodians must work with their Security Officer(s) in order to obtain a Token.

All Security Officers should have received an email from Ginnie Mae with instructions on how to submit a request for Tokens. If a Security Officer did not receive this communication or has not yet submitted a request for Tokens, they are required to contact the Ginnie Mae Relationship Services, as soon as possible, at 800-234-4662, Option 1 or by sending an email to Instructions for requesting tokens are also available on the Ginnie Mae website:

Once validation is completed, Users must submit the Ginnie Mae Enterprise Portal (GMEP) User Roles Access Form, available in Appendix III-29, to obtain access to the new functionality. Completed forms are submitted to the User's Security Officer(s) for processing.

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Ginnie Mae Enterprise Portal (GMEP) and GinnieNET will only be supported by Ginnie Mae when Issuers are running those applications in Windows XP and Windows 7 environments. Similarly, Ginnie Mae will provide support when Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9 (IE8 and IE9) are used. Ginnie Mae does not support the use of any other operating systems or browsers at this time. While older versions of Windows and Internet Explorer may continue to work with GMEP and GinnieNET, neither Ginnie Mae nor the software vendor offers support for them. Ginnie Mae recommends Issuers use Windows XP or Windows 7 operating systems, and versions 8 and 9 of the Internet Explorer web browser.

Guide Updates

The Ginnie Mae Mortgage-Backed Securities Guide 5500.3, Rev.1 (“Guide”) will be updated to reflect the new automated processes. The Guide changes will be provided to Issuers no later than November 15, 2013 and will be officially incorporated into the Guide on December 16, 2013. For additional assistance, contact Ginnie Mae Relationship Services at 800-234-4662, Option 1 or submit email to To activate your RSA SecurID Token, contact the RSA SecurID Token Activation Line at 1-800-332-4550 (Option 8).

For additional assistance, Issuers should contact their Ginnie Mae Account Executive in the Office of Issuer and Portfolio Management at (202) 708-1535.

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