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Stakeholder Letters

Ginnie Mae Reveals Rebrand & New Website Launch
Published Date: 2/7/2013

A Message from Terry Carr, Senior Advisor, Communications and Congressional Relations
We are often asked what differentiates Ginnie Mae from other participants in the industry. What really matters most about Ginnie Mae?
There are many things that matter to us. What we do, who we are, with whom we work. Ginnie Mae’s business model, our risk management practices, our Issuers and investors, our infrastructure, our financial performance – these all matter. Each plays an instrumental role in helping to build a strong foundation for Ginnie Mae’s future. Ultimately, though, what sets us apart from the rest of the industry is our guaranty. Our guaranty really matters.
It is the essence of our guaranty that helped guide us through one of our most recent initiatives – an update to the Ginnie Mae brand. You will see many similarities between our previous brand and this new one. The new brand reflects our intention to maintain the practices that allowed us to provide leadership to our Nation’s recovering housing industry. It also signals to the market the tremendous growth and evolution we are now experiencing. Ginnie Mae has a strong, simple business model, and we are proud of our core values and mission. We like to think of the rebrand as a refresh of Ginnie Mae’s corporate identity to better reinforce our core values.
As a leader in U.S. housing finance, Ginnie Mae must fully embody the strength and stability that have led us to where we are today. The updated Ginnie Mae brand does just that. It symbolizes that strength and stability, as well as accountability, transparency and simplicity. It also addresses the values of flexibility and forward thinking evident in Ginnie Mae’s operations.
In coordination with our updated brand, we are also pleased to announce the launch of the new Ginnie Mae website – This updated site features an advanced, more user-friendly navigation structure. It also offers new content and tools for our Issuers, investors and other business partners.
Perhaps the most important new feature of the site, now includes an AllRegs function. AllRegs provides our investors, Issuers and other business partners with a one-stop shop for all of Ginnie Mae’s All Participant Memorandums (APMs), Single-Family and Multifamily Guides, announcements, disclosure information and other relevant documents. This library of resources is designed to provide our key stakeholders with the appropriate tools they need to efficiently and effectively do business with Ginnie Mae. To learn how to use the new Ginnie Mae AllRegs online library, please take a moment to watch the short “QuickTour Video,” located at the top, right corner of the online library.
Other new features of the rebranded website include a consumer education section, department descriptions, a new executive leadership team page and consolidated contact information. These features help us better serve all of our constituents. We also now make available Ginnie Mae related speeches, presentations and transcripts. The site also includes a careers page, with details on job opportunities and Human Resources information.
Our brand is more than a graphic element. It symbolizes our market leadership, stability and reach. This is a very exciting time for everyone here at Ginnie Mae. Rolling out the brand signifies our outlook on building for our future – and the future of housing finance in America.
Terry Carr
Senior Advisor, Communications and Congressional Relations