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Targeted Lending Initiative (TLI)
Targeted Lending Initiative (TLI) OPB 2014

Ginnie Mae's Targeted Lending Initiative (TLI) offers Issuers a wide range of reduced guarantee fees and increased servicing fees as incentive to lend within designated, underserved central city areas throughout the nation as well as in Native American lands.

Ginnie Mae created TLI in 1996 to attract more mortgage lending to traditionally underserved communities. The overwhelming success of this initiative has been demonstrated. We have assisted over 2.3 million households since the program's inception.

Issuer participation in the TLI program continues to increase. Since its inception in September 1996, Issuer participation has increased from 23 Issuers in fiscal year 1997 to 211 Issuers in fiscal year 2014.

All Ginnie Mae Issuers are encouraged to participate in TLI. There is no separate application procedure or pre-approval required. Once a Ginnie Mae Issuer has originated or purchased eligible loans, the Issuer assembles the loans in a pool and submits the pool to Ginnie Mae for the issuance of a security. Ginnie Mae's pool delivery system (GinnieNET) automatically calculates the guaranty fee on the pool for the Issuer.

This initiative is effective for pools issued on or after October 1, 1996.

If you have any questions about the TLI program, please e-mail Ginnie Mae's TLI Coordinator.

Last Modified: 5/20/2015 1:27 PM