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Ginnie Mae MBS Disclosure Data

Ginnie Mae provides direct access to a wide range of disclosure data on mortgage-backed security (MBS) pools. New issuance and monthly information is posted throughout the month and then is archived. 

Ginnie Mae also provides the information in text files and file layouts to assist users in formatting the downloadable data for their own use. Due to the size of the data files, users should check their system requirements to ensure that they have the system capacity to download each file. Sample data files and file sizes are also provided.   

Additional Information

If you are a user of Ginnie Mae MBS Disclosure Data and you have questions, please send an e-mail to Investor Inquiries.

If you have not received any files/transmissions from the Bank of New York, please contact:

  • Teddy Herlihy, (917) 887-4259 or (845) 642-4489

  • Bill Lennon, (516) 819-2040 or (631) 661-1145

If you have any questions about new issuances, please contact:

  • Evan Del Colle, (212) 815-2086

  • Bob Cascone, (212) 815-2264

If you have any questions about monthly issuances, please contact:

  • Rick Garner, (240) 403-4199, ext. 310

All questions by mail should be sent to:

The Bank of New York
Attention: Ginnie Mae Relationship Services
101 Barclay Street 8 East
New York, NY 10286 

Disclaimer on Accuracy of Data

The data contained herein was originally provided to Ginnie Mae by Ginnie Mae Issuers. Ginnie Mae makes no warranty, express or implied, on the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, or reliability of the data. Ginnie Mae hereby disclaims any liability associated with use of this data or any damages resulting from third party use of this data. This disclaimer applies to both isolated and aggregate uses of information.

Last Modified: 10/14/2020 9:27 AM