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Systems & Applications

​Ginnie Mae's Systems & Applications for Issuers and Document Custodians can be accessed from this page. The list can be found below.



GMEP is the Ginnie Mae Enterprise Portal (whether GMEP 1.0 or GMEP 2.0, which is in development) and the entry point for issuers, and subservicers, and document custodians to access our systems, for monthly reporting, pool transfers, managing master agreements, etc.



GinnieNET is Ginnie Mae system for issuance of mortgage-backed securities and pool certifications.

User Manuals

File Layouts is the US Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service system, used for paying various fees to Ginnie Mae. See Chapter 6 of our MBS Guide for more information.


Multifamily Database

Multifamily Database is a Ginnie Mae database that contains information about Ginnie Mae's multifamily mortgage-backed securities at the security and loan level.

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