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Our Mission
Our mission is to bring global capital into the housing finance system - a system that runs through the core of our nation's economy - while minimizing risk to the taxpayer.
For 50 years, Ginnie Mae has provided liquidity and stability, serving as the principal financing arm for government mortgage loans and ensuring that mortgage lenders have the necessary funds to provide loans to customers.
Ginnie in Brief 6/29/2020
Today Ginnie Mae published APM 20-07, which announces changes to our policy concerning the re-pooling of certain loans that have been bought out of pools. For more on this policy change, please read the blogpost here.
Latest News
APM 7/2/2020
​In order to ensure the continued integrity of the MBS program, Ginnie Mae is changing the methodology used to determine the extent to which non-depository financial institutions may rely on Preferred Equity to meet program capital requirements. To read APM 20-09, please visit this page
APM 7/2/2020
On February 12, 2020, the Mortgage Bankers’ Financial Reporting Form (MBFRF) Consortium published an industry-wide letter announcing a certification requirement for each submission of unaudited quarterly financial statements effective with the reporting period ending September 30, 2020 (due October 31, 2020). To ensure industry alignment as well as the completeness and accuracy of the information shared through the MBFRF, Ginnie Mae is hereby incorporating this certification requirement into its Mortgage-Backed Securities Guide (MBS Guide). To read APM 20-08, please visit this page
APM 6/29/2020
​In supporting the borrower relief and loss mitigation options made available by the federal mortgage programs, Ginnie Mae seeks to ensure that transactional activity related to these options does not impair market confidence in Ginnie Mae securities. To read APM 20-07, please visit this page

The Ginnie Mae Difference

Since 1968, Ginnie Mae has leveraged the government guaranty at minimal cost and risk to the American taxpayer, while dramatically lowering the cost of finding a home for millions of households. Here’s how Ginnie supports the housing market:

Of the People Ginnie Mae Serves in 2019 are first-time home buyers


Single family households Ginnie Mae financed over the last 10 years


Our MBS portfolio balance provides crucial support to the housing market


issued to veteran homebuyers in 2019