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Issuer Operational Performance Profile (IOPP) Overview

Ginnie Mae launched its Issuer Operational Performance Profile (IOPP) tool in early 2015. The IOPP tool, provides Issuers with a framework and methodology where they can gauge their effectiveness against Ginnie Mae’s expectations about Issuer performance. IOPP also measure an Issuer’s operational and default performance against their peers. The launch of IOPP helps Ginnie Mae continue to ensure that a safe, effective, and government-backed channel for the flow of capital for U.S. mortgages exists, reducing risk to the taxpayer and providing much needed capital for the government.

In June 2017, Ginnie Mae released several enhancements to its IOPP tool. The enhancements will provide a more comprehensive view of Issuer performance data that is transparent and timely to the end user, resulting in a revamped user experience.

Essentially a “scorecard,” the IOPP tool will provide a method in which Issuers will be scored based on a pre-determined set of metrics. The IOPP helps ensure Issuers are performing well, or if they aren’t, it provides a way for them to examine areas for improvement so adjustments can be made. This tool will improve Ginnie Mae’s management capability and allow Issuers to better manage their performance. The IOPP tool will also help drive internal consistency in monitoring the business activities across the broader population of Ginnie Mae Issuers and lay the basis for providing constructive feedback to our Issuers.If you have questions regarding accessing Ginnie Mae's IOPP tool, please see your Security Officer or send an email to us at  We also recommend that you visit published Ginnie Mae's FAQs. In the "Category" drop-down list select "Issuer" and in the "Subcategory" drop-down list select "IOPP."

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