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Multiclass Se​curities Guides​

The Ginnie Mae Multiclass Securities Guide is divided into seven sections:

Ginnie Mae notifies Issuers of periodic chan​ges in guidelines and requirements through All Participants Memoranda (APMs) and changes to the MBS Guide. Go to arrow to access the full Multiclass Securities G​uide.

Multiclass Securities Guides
Part I REMIC and MX Guidelines Transaction and Documents 03/01/2020
Part II Additional Guidelines and Documents for REMIC Transactions 03/01/2020
Part III Platinum Securities Transactions 04/01/2019
Addendum Platinum Issuance Forms 09/28/2015
Addendum Platinum Operational Documents 09/28/2015
Addendum Platinum Layout Instructions 09/28/2015
Part IV Multifamily Transactions 03/01/2020
Part V Call and Callable Class Securities 05​/12/2022
Part VI Stripped Mortgage-Backed Securities (SMBS) 03/01/2020
Part VII HREMIC Transactions 03/01/2020
Base OC Single-Family Base Offering Circular 03/01/2021
Base OC Multifamily Base Offering Circular 03/01/2021
Base OC SMBS Base Offering Circular 12/01/2019
Last Modified: 5/12/2022 4:39 PM