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2016-004: Preliminary MIP Disclosure File
Published Date: 2/5/2016 12:00 AM

Ginnie Mae is providing a Preliminary Multiple Issuer Pool Disclosure File for daily prospective MIP information in the current month. The information is a daily “flow” snapshot* of the MIP pools composition as it is formed up to the end of month MIP Finalization. This file only provides information about pools formed in the issue month.

Attached are the file layout and a sample file. The file is named “MIPPrelim.txt” and will be available Monday-Friday at 9 AM on the Disclosure Data Download page.

* MIP Pooling activity determines which MIP Pool records are in the layout. If there has been no pooling activity (e.g. no MIP pooling activity for 30 year, 4% MIP), there will not be a Preliminary MIP Record in the file. If there is no pooling activity for an entire set of records, e.g. no pooling activity for 15 year fixed, then only the Header Record and the Trailer Record for that record set is provided. It is possible in certain disclosure files that no Preliminary MIP Records are disclosed (ie. only headers/trailers for all three record sets).

For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to