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2017-039: Platinum WAC ARM Pool Disclosures
Published Date: 6/20/2017 12:00 AM
Consolidated_Disclosure_File_Layout_V 2.2_Draft.pdf    
MBS Loan Level Disclosure Layout_V 1.7_Draft.pdf    
Supplemental_Platinum_WAC_ARM_File_V 1.0_Draft.pdf    

Ginnie Mae is pleased to provide draft updates to disclosure data, related to the anticipated new Platinum WAC ARM pools, planned for the 4th quarter of 2017.  This bulletin provides Draft Disclosure file layout changes related to single class Loan Level Disclosure and single class Pool Level Disclosure, to add ARM information to these existing layouts.  This bulletin also provides a draft layout for a new Supplemental disclosure file that will be specifically for the Platinum WAC ARM pools. This new Supplemental file will be in addition to the information in the existing Enhanced Platinum Pool disclosures.  A summary of the changes is provided below.


Change Status​

MBS Loan Level  Version 1.6 (Current Layout)

Version: Draft Version 1.7 for Review and Comment


Changes: See Version History. Ten ARM Loan related fields have been added to the end of the “L” record.  Changes are highlighted in yellow in the draft layout, attached to this bulletin.


Effective Date: Anticipated 4th Quarter of 2017. Final date to be published in a separate bulletin.

Consolidated Data Disclosure File Version 2.1 (current layout)

Version: Draft Version 2.2 for Review and Comment


Changes: A new record type has been added that is applicable only to ARM Pools. This record will be produced and included in the file only for ARM pools.  All other record types remain as-is.  The new record type layout is attached to this bulletin.


Effective Date: Anticipated 4th Quarter of 2017.  Final date to be published in a separate bulletin.

Supplemental  Platinum WAC ARM File (New File)

Version: Draft Version is 1.0. This is a new Supplemental File, applicable to the new upcoming Platinum WAC ARM product.


Changes: This is a new standalone supplemental file, and supplements the existing Platinum Enhanced Disclosure Files. 


Effective Date: Anticipated 4th Quarter of 2017.  Final date to be published in a separate bulletin.

Anticipated implementation is the 4th Quarter of 2017. The specific implementation month will be provided in a separate bulletin, together with the final file layouts.

Ginnie Mae is providing these DRAFT file layouts for comments from the investor community.  Comments and questions related to these layouts should be sent to by no later than June 30, 2017.​