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2017-061: New Platinum WAC ARM Pool Types
Published Date: 11/8/2017 12:00 AM

Ginnie Mae is pleased to provide the new Platinum WAC ARM pool types and eligible collateral related to the anticipated new Platinum WAC ARM pools and Platinum Jumbo Only pools planned for December of 2017.

This bulletin provides:

  • The new 14 Platinum pool types for WAC ARM
  • The 3 new Platinum pool types for Jumbo Only.

Please see the following tables of new Ginnie Mae Platinum Pool types & Composition.

New Platinum Pool types for WAC ARM Platinum: TBD Dec 2017 Issuance

​Eligible WAC ARM Pool Types (Prior to Initial Adjustment Date)
WA​ ​1/5 cap for CMT 3-year hybrids (C AT and M AT)
WB​ 1/5 cap for CMT 5-year hybrids (C AF and M AF)
WC​ ​2/6 cap for CMT 5-year hybrids (C FT and M FT)
WD​ ​2/6 cap for CMT 7-year hybrids (C AS and M AS)
​WE ​2/6 cap for CMT 10-year hybrids (C AX and M AX)
​WF ​1/5 cap for ICE LIBOR pools 3-year hybrids (C TL and M TL)
​WG ​1/5 cap for ICE LIBOR pools 5-year hybrids (C FL and M FL)
​WH ​2/6 cap for ICE LIBOR pools 5-year hybrids (C FB and M FB)
​WI ​2/6 cap for ICE LIBOR pools 7-year hybrids (C SL and M SL)
WJ​ ​2/6 cap for ICE LIBOR pools 10-year hybrids (C XL and M XL)

Eligible WAC ARM Pool Types that Reset Annually (Post Initial Adjustment Date)​
WK​ ​1/5 cap for CMT (C AR, M AR, M AQ, C AT, M AT, C AF and M AF)
​WL ​1/5 cap for ICE LIBOR (C RL, M RL, M QL, C TL, M TL, C FL and M FL)
​WM ​2/6 cap for CMT (C FT, M FT, C AS, M AS, C AX and M AX)
​WN ​2/6 cap for ICE LIBOR annual reset pools (C FB, M FB, C SL, M SL, C XL, M XL)

New Platinum Pool Types for Jumbo Only Platinum: TBD DEC 2017 Issuance

MFP​ ​M FS 30yr
MAP ​M JM 30yr and C SF 30yr (commingling permitted)
​MBP ​M JM 15yr and C SF 15 yr (commingling permitted)

In the Disclosure bulletin​ of Nov 7, 2017, “Ginnie Mae Multiclass Program Enhancements Training on the new Platinum Pool Processing Application Jumbo and WAC ARM Pooling Options Training” announced that Ginnie Mae will be conducting training on Nov 15, 2017 at 3pm EST.

If you have any questions, please send an email to the Ginnie Mae Training Mailbox (