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2019-065: Platinum Pool Disclosure Layout, Version 2.0: Open Comment Period
Published Date: 12/20/2019 5:00 PM
Platinum Pool Disclosure Layout 2.0 for Comment.pdf    

Ginnie Mae is planning for the future replacement of the Platinum Enhanced Pool Disclosure Files (platdaily.txt and, version 1.4.  The plan for the replacement files will be a set of two files:  a Platinum Pool Security file and a Platinum Supplemental file.  The attached draft layout, version 2.0, provides the replacement details, including the purpose, structure, and expanded layout for the replacement disclosures.

While there is no announcement at this time about an implementation date for the new files or the availability of test files, these dates will be made available in a future Disclosure Bulletin. 

There are no planned changes to the Platinum Collateral files (platdcoll.txt and or to the HMBS Platinum files (hplatdaily.txt and

Ginnie Mae is providing a two-week period for comments and questions for this layout; all comments or questions must be emailed to by January 6, 2020.​