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2020-002: File Layout for Ginnie Mae HMBS Pool Level Disclosure, Version 4.4
Published Date: 1/29/2020 1:45 PM

Ginnie Mae is planning a revision to the HMBS Pool Disclosure Files (hdailyenh.txt, hnissues_YYYYMM.txt, and hmonthlyenh_YYYYMM.txt). The attached layout provides an explanation of the revision together with the structure for the revised disclosures.

The anticipated implementation date for the new disclosure files is expected to be May 2020 for the HMBS Pool Daily (New Issuance) and the HMBS Pool Monthly (New Issuance), and June 2020 for the HMBS Pool Monthly (Portfolio). Ginnie Mae will provide a two-month transition period from the existing v 4.3 format to the new v 4.4 format, by publishing both the existing production files (on the Disclosure Data Download Files page) and the revised disclosure data files (on the Disclosure New Release Test File Download page) beginning March 2020.

The file names will also be changed on the Disclosure Data Download Files page for the revised pool disclosures; the new file names upon implementation will be as follows:

​New File Type ​New Data File ​Replaces File Type ​Replaces Data File
​HMBS Pool Monthly (NI) ​ (no change) ​HMBS Enhanced Pool Monthly (NI) ​ (no change)
​HMBS Pool Daily ​hdaily.txt ​HMBS Enhanced Pool Daily ​hdailyenh.txt
​HMBS Pool Monthly ​ ​HMBS Enhanced Pool Monthly ​

Ginnie Mae is providing a two-week period for comments and questions for this layout; all comments must be received by February 10, 2020. For comments, please send an email to