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2020-052: New Pool Type and Loan Purpose, Beginning February 2021
Published Date: 1/29/2021 11:35 AM

This bulletin covers updates to certain Data Disclosure files with disclosure data beginning in February 2021. Beginning in February 2021, a new Single Family Pool Type, “RG” and a new Loan Purpose “5 – Re-performing” will be available in Ginnie Mae data. The “RG” pool type, a Ginnie II, Custom Re-Performing pool, will contain only loans with Loan Purpose 5. Five updated loan and pool file layouts are attached, each of which include the addition of the “RG” Pool Type and the Loan Purpose 5, although none of the field lengths or record lengths in any of the layouts are changing due to this addition. The addition of RG pools and Loan Purpose 5 is additional data in existing Disclosure fields. The implementation schedule for the layouts are in the table below:

Implementation Schedule

Table 1: Loan and Pool Disclosure Files -- Files will be published on the Disclosure Data Download page

File Type​ ​File Name ​Layout Version on the Implementation ​Implementation Dates
​MBS SF MONTHLY NEW ISSUES - LOAN LEVEL ​ ​Version 1.8 ​February 2021 New Issuances
​MBS SF MONTHY NEW ISSUES - POOL SUPPLEMENTAL ​ ​Version 1.2.1 ​February 2021 New Issuances
​MBS SF PORTFOLIO - LOAN LEVEL, GINNIE II ​ ​Version 1.8 ​March 8, 2021 (with February 2021 data)
​MBS SF PORTFOLIO - POOL SUPPLEMENTAL ​ ​Version 1.2.1 ​March 8, 2021 (with February 2021 data)
​MBS SF LOAN LIQUIDATIONS MONTHLY ​ ​Version 1.1 ​March 4, 2021 (with February 2021 data)
​POOL LEVEL FORBEARANCE SUPPLEMENTAL ​ ​Version 1.0.2 ​March 8, 2021 (with February 2021 data)
​MBS TERMINATED LOANS QUARTERLY ​liqloanqtr_YYYYMM.txt ​Version 1.1 ​April 12, 2021 (with Jan/Feb/Mar 2021 data)

Test Files

No test files are planned for this addition.

For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to Inquiries to this email will be addressed within 2 business days.