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2021-038: New Stratification Record in Platinum Pool Disclosure Monthly Files
Published Date: 7/15/2021 8:00 AM

Ginnie Mae is implementing a new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) stratification record in the Platinum Portfolio Enhanced Supplemental File located on Ginnie Mae’s Disclosure Data Download page. The objective of this record is to provide investors with information that supports their sustainable investing decisions and solutions. The ESG record will provide platinum pool level aggregate information about the extent of UPB dollars that are in Low- and Moderate-Income areas.

The new disclosure record aggregates to the platinum pool level the UPB Dollars and % UPB Dollars across low- and moderate-income areas applicable to the platinum pool. The new Stratification Record Type 25 record will be added to the Platinum Portfolio Enhanced Supplemental File, “” Platinum Pool Layout Version 2.1 is attached. The record will be included in the Monthly Platinum Enhanced File only. The record will not be included in the Platinum Daily New Issuance files.

A test file will be provided in early September 2021, and the first production PLATINUM PORTFOLIO ENHANCED SUPPLEMENTAL file containing Record Type 25 will be provided on the Disclosure Data Download​ page on October 13th.

For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to Inquiries to this email will be addressed within 2 business days.