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2021-058: Legacy Multifamily Pool and Loan Disclosures
Published Date: 10/1/2021 12:00 PM

In Bulletin 2021-035​, Ginnie Mae announced an enhancement to its Combined Multifamily Pool and Loan Disclosure Files for both daily/monthly new issuance and monthly portfolio data. This enhancement added two fields to the Pool section of the disclosure record. The two fields are:

  1. Security RPB (field P28); and
  2. the RPB Factor (field P29)

The revised Multifamily disclosures replaced the former disclosures on the Disclosure Data Download Files page; the former Multifamily disclosures (see below) were posted to the Legacy Disclosure Files page for a 3-month period:

  • ​“mfpldaily.txt” - Multifamily Pool and Loan New Issuance Daily Disclosure 
  • “mfpldailymni.txt” – Multifamily Pool and Loan New Issuance Monthly Disclosure 
  • “mfplmon_yyyymm.txt” – Multifamily Pool and Loan Monthly Portfolio Disclosure

The 3-month Legacy page posting period will come to an end this month (October 2021). Two weeks after posting of the last mfpldaily.txt file (October 30), the Multifamily disclosure posting on the Legacy page will be removed.

The Multifamily Database ( and Multifamily Terminated Pools ( disclosures will continue as is.

Questions and comments related to this bulletin should be emailed to Inquiries to this email will be addressed within 2 business days.