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2021-069: Implementation of Charts & Graph on Disclosure Search Screen
Published Date: 12/6/2021 3:30 PM

Ginnie Mae endeavors to improve the functionality of the Disclosure Search Tool for investors and the public. The Charts functionality is now available for:

  • ​WA Quartiles; 
  • Delinquencies; 
  • Origination Year; 
  • Geographic; 
  • Issuers; 
  • Removals and; 
  • ​Historical Data

For charts where the x-axis variable is time (years, months, etc.), the user has the option to configure line chart or bar chart. The Disclosure Data Search screen displays a chart’s icon and a chart print function as well. The screen displays aggregated data in a bar chart format by default then users can adjust the chart preference to view data showing only the top 10 values.

Instruction to access:

From the Disclosure Search Tools home screen, select Disclosure Data Search then enter a Pool ID or CUSIP #. Once the summary screen for that pool has been rendered, navigate to the Composition drop down on the left of the screen (below the Summary tab). The charts icon will be at the top right of the page.