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2023-002: Revised Multifamily Pool and Loan Disclosure File Layout
Published Date: 1/18/2023 12:00 PM

Ginnie Mae is announcing a non-format revision to its Combined Multifamily Pool and Loan Disclosure Files for monthly portfolio data. This revision changes the “Not Affordable” value in the Affordable Status field (field L44), in the Loan section of the disclosure record.

Currently the Affordable Status field can have one of the following values:

• AFF (affordable);

• BAF (broadly affordable);

• NAF (not affordable); and

• blank (unknown). This field is always blank for new issuance.

With the revision, the “NAF” (not affordable) value will be changed to “MKT” (market). Additionally, this value will appear on the MF Search screen as “Market”.

The planned Implementation schedule is as follows:

​File Type
​Data File
​Implementation Date
​Multifamily Pool and Loan Monthly Portfolio Disclosure
​Late first quarter 2023
​Multifamily Pool and Loan New Issuance Daily
​Multifamily Pool and Loan New Issuance Monthly Disclosure

The revised Multifamily Pool and Loan Monthly Portfolio Disclosure will replace the current disclosure on the Disclosure Data Download Files​ page. There will not be an overlap period where both the version 3.1 and version 3.2 formats will be available.

Questions and comments related to this bulletin should be emailed to Inquiries to this email will be addressed within 2 business days.