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2023-020: Disclosure File Layout Instruction Updates Related to Re-Performing Loans
Published Date: 4/5/2023 5:00 PM

Ginnie Mae is announcing layout instruction changes for MBS and Platinum layouts related to the Feb 1, 2023 APM 2023-03: All Participant Memorandum (APM) (

Re-Performing loans can now be included in both “RG” pool type pools and in Ginnie Mae II Multiple Issuer “SF” pools and instructions have been removed from the following disclosure layouts regarding the exclusive Loan Purpose “5”/ “RG” pool type combination (ex. Re-performing loan purpose will only be in the “RG” pool type.):

  • MBS Loan Level Disclosure File Version 1.8, “L” Record, Field 6, Loan Purpose
  • MBS Single Family Pool Level Disclosure Layout, Version 1.2.5, Records 06 and 19
  • MBS Liquidated/Terminated Loan Level Disclosure File, Version 1.1, “L” Record, Field 6, Loan Purpose
  • ​MBS Single Family Forbearance Pool Level Disclosure File, Version 1.0.2, Record Type “93”

These instruction changes do not result in a new layout version for these four files.

In addition, as Ginnie Mae II Multiple Issuer “SF” pools can be collateral for Ginnie Mae Platinum Pools, Ginnie Mae is providing an updated Enhanced Platinum Pool Level Disclosure File Layout, version The attached layout has the Loan Purpose code value “5 = Re-Performing” added to Record Types “06” and “19.” This addition will also be incorporated into the Enhanced Platinum Pool Level Disclosure File Layout, version 2.1.3 that was announced in Disclosure Bulletin 2023-019​ (Production Implementation on July 13th, 2023).

These layout updates are effective immediately. For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to​. Inquiries to this email will be addressed within 2 business days.