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2024-013: New Pool Types for Platinum Pool and HMBS Platinum Pool Disclosure, Beginning June 2024
Published Date: 3/26/2024 10:10 AM
Platinum Pool Disclosure Layout 2.1.4_June2024.pdf    

Beginning June 2024, Ginnie Mae will be adding two new Platinum Pool Types, "EP" for Platinum Pool Disclosure and “PE” for HMBS Platinum Pool Disclosure.

New Platinum Disclosure Pool Type Custom “EP”

  • ​Contains Collateral Pools from MBS Custom Extended Term “ET” Pools and other Platinum Custom “EP” Pools.
  • This addition will be available in the Platinum Daily (platdailyPPS.txt, platdailyPS.txt, and platdcoll.txt) and Platinum Portfolio (,, and files.

New HMBS Platinum Disclosure Pool Type “PE”

  • ​Contains Collateral Pools from HMBS Adjustable SOFR “SA” Pools and other HMBS Platinum “PE” Pools.
  • This addition will be available in the HMBS Platinum Daily (hplatdaily.txt) and HMBS Platinum Portfolio ( files as well as in the Platinum Collateral files, (platdcoll.txt and

The layouts for Platinum Pool and HMBS Platinum Pool are not changing with this pool type addition and will be effective in June 2024. Both layouts, incorporating the new pool type references, are attached.

Test files are planned for May 2024 and will be announced in a separate bulletin.

For questions related to this bulletin, please send an email to​. Inquiries to this email will be addressed within 2 business days. ​