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Ginnie Mae’s guaranty links the United States housing market to the global capital markets, ensuring sustainability, affordability, and liquidity for government housing programs and creating a more equitable housing finance system for all.
Enabling liquidity for the federal government insured programs
Federal Housing Administration
Dad Pushing Daughter On Swing In Front Of Family Home
99% of FHA Single-family mortgages are packaged into Ginnie Mae MBS.
Veterans Affairs
US Soldier Hugging His Child
Ginnie Mae MBS makes the dream of homeownership possible for the country’s veterans.
United States Department of Agriculture Rural Housing
Farmhouse in the Country
Homeowners in rural regions across the country enjoy low-cost financing through Ginnie Mae’s partnership with USDA.
HUD's Public and Indian Housing
Single Family house on a reserve
Ensure safe, decent, and affordable housing, while creating opportunities for residents' self-sufficiency and economic independence.
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Keeping access to affordable homeownership and rental housing possible for millions of households.
Supporting federal guaranteeing and insuring partners, Ginnie Mae ensures liquidity for housing programs that serve first-time homebuyers, low- and moderate-income borrowers, rural home borrowers, tribal home borrowers and veteran home borrowers across the country.
Single-family Housing
Family On Moving Day
22 Million
Single-family households, have loans Ginnie Mae has guaranteed financed by federal agencies over the last 10 years.
Multifamily Housing
Multifamily Housing Units
1.3 Million
Affordable apartment rentals have loans guaranteed by Ginnie Mae financed by federal agencies by Ginnie Mae's MBS as of the end of 2021.
More than 500,000 Healthcare living units were securitized by Ginnie Mae MBS as of the end of 2021.