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​ESG Percentages

Ginnie Mae provides investors with information that supports their sustainable investing decisions and solutions, such as the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) stratification record. The ESG record provides pool level aggregate information about the extent of loans and UPB dollars that are in Low- and Moderate-Income areas. This chart shows the percentage of loans, percentage of UPB of ESG flagged pools/loans, and totals of the total portfolio over the last 12 months.​​

In 2021, Ginnie Mae started disclosing ESG status on its Multifamily securities. Green status shows which multifamily MBS have loans backed by properties with one or more “green” features, which include everything from energy efficient windows to water-saving devices. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) designates which properties contain green features.​​

In 2022, Ginnie Mae started disclosing Affordability status on its Multifamily securities. Affordability status shows the Affordability code as passed on by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).​​​​​

Last Modified: 6/8/2023 12:07 AM