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MBS Loan Level Disclosure Layout, version 1.6
Published Date: 2/5/2015

Ginnie Mae is providing the following documents for MBS Loan Level Disclosure files beginning in April 2015:

  • MBS Loan Level Disclosure File Layout, version 1.6
  • MBS Loan Level Disclosure Definitions Document, version 1.4
  • MBS Loan Level Disclosure Test File

Layout Version 1.6 adds two fields to the end of the “L” record, “Loan Origination Date” and “Seller Issuer ID”, as detailed on page 2 of the layout. As with the current Version 1.5, Version 1.6 will apply to MBS Daily New Issuance Loan Level, MBS Monthly New Issuance Loan Level, and MBS Loan Level Monthly Disclosure Data Files. Files will be available on the Disclosure Data Download page.

A test file can be accessed from the Test File Download page for testing and familiarization purposes. The test file contains loans in 100 pools with an “As Of Date” of 201504.

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