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December 2016 HMBS Monthly Portfolio Loan Level Disclosure Files
Published Date: 12/9/2016 12:00 AM

On 11/23/2016, Ginnie Mae announced that it was going to move both the HMBS Monthly Pool Level and Monthly Loan Level Disclosure Data files to an earlier schedule.

It was able to complete the necessary testing ahead of schedule and the and files were released on 11/8/2016.

Please refer to the adjusted schedule below for the Disclosure Release Schedule dates details: 

Disclosure File
Current Schedule
Future Schedule
1st Month Applied
HMBS Monthly Pool Level
10th Business Day, 10PM
6th Business Day, 10PM
December 2016 Data (released in January)
HMBS Monthly Loan Level
10th Business Day, 10PM
6th Business Day, 10PM
November 2016 Data (released in December)
The disclosure files are available in the Ginnie Mae MBS Disclosure Data section of Ginnie Mae’s website or from existing data distribution vendors. The release schedule for other Disclosure Data files not mentioned above remains unchanged. For questions related to Disclosure Data, please send an email to