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ARM Index Information

​ ​​​ ​​​ ​​​ ​​​ ​​
H-15 Release Dates (30-Day and 45-Day Lookback)
2019November 26 *February 25May 28August 26
November 13​*February 11​May 13​August 12​
2020December 02 *March 02June 01August 31
November 12​*February 10​May 11​August 17​
2021November 30 *March 01June 01August 30
November 16​*February 16​May 17​August 16​
2022November 29 *February 28May 31August 29
November 15​*February 14​May 16​August 15​
2023November 28 *February 27May 30August 28
November 14​*February 13​May 15​August 14​

Note: * Refers to month of the previous calendar year. White rows indicate 30-Day Lookback dates. Gray rows indicate 45-Day Lookback dates.

Chapter 26-2 - Mortgage Eligibility, Pool, and Loan Package Requirements

After the initial fixed-rate period of a hybrid ARM, the interest rate of each mortgage in an ARM pool or loan package is subject to an annual adjustment, based on the eligible index options. The H-15 Release dates for the quarterly interest rate change listed above must be used when adjusting pool or loan package interest rates. See Chapter 26, section 2-A.3(a) of the Ginnie Mae Mortgage Backed Securities Guide for additional information.​

30-Day and 45-Day Lookback Data
​Lookback Period​Interest Adjustment Date​CMT Index Rate​LIBOR Index Rate
30-Day​2022 Q3​10/01/2022​03.330​​04.123
45-Day2022 Q3​10/01/2022​03.280​​03.959

Last Modified: 3/18/2022 10:47 PM