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MBS Guide: Appendices​

Appendices - and their associated forms, where applica​ble - found in the MBS Guide can be accessed via our online library (powered by AllRegs) or downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF) from this page. Please click herearrow to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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MBS Guide Appendices
Appendix I-01Application for Approval - Ginnie Mae MBS IssuerHUD-117015/17/2023
Appendix I-02Resolution of Board of Directors and Certificate of Authorized SignaturesHUD-117025/12/2023
Appendix I-04Forms of Cross-Default Agreements5/10/2023
Appendix I-06ACH Debit AuthorizationHUD-11709-A5/15/2023
Appendix I-07Master Agreement for Participation AccountingHUD-11703-II5/17/2023
Appendix I-08Corporate GuarantyHUD-117858/1/2013
Appendix II-01Letter of Transmittal for Commitment Authority and/or Pool NumbersHUD-117005/15/2023
Appendix II-02Commitment to Guarantee Mortgage-Backed SecuritiesHUD-117045/15/2023
Appendix III-01Master Servicing AgreementHUD-117075/15/2023
Appendix III-02Master Agreement for Servicer's Principal and Interest Custodial AccountHUD-117095/12/2023
Appendix III-03Master Agreement for Servicer's Escrow Custodial AccountHUD-117205/15/2023
Appendix III-04Master Custodial AgreementHUD-117155/15/2023
Appendix III-05Release of Security InterestHUD-11711-A5/15/2023
Appendix III-05_bCertification and AgreementHUD-11711-B8/10/2023
Appendix III-06Schedule of Subscribers and Ginnie Mae Guaranty AgreementHUD-1170511/9/2023
Appendix III-07Schedule of Pooled MortgagesHUD-1170611/9/2023
Appendix III-09Authorization to Accept Facsimile Signed Correction Request Forms1/1/2015
Appendix III-10Designated Communities for the Targeted Lending Initiative10/1/2016
Appendix III-11Deposit AgreementHUD-117381/1/2006
Appendix III-12Ginnie Mae Bond Financing Program Certification1/1/2006
Appendix III-13Ginnie Mae Electronic Data Interchange System Agreement11/9/2023
Appendix III-14Ginnie Mae Enrollment Administrator and GinnieNET Authorized Signatories11/20/2015
Appendix III-15Ginnie Mae I Single-Family (Level-Payment) MBS1/1/2006
Appendix III-16Ginnie Mae I Graduated Payment and Growing Equity MBS1/1/2006
Appendix III-17Ginnie Mae I Serial Note Securities1/1/2006
Appendix III-18Ginnie Mae I Manufactured Home MBS11/1/2010
Appendix III-19Guaranty Agreement - Ginnie Mae I Project Loan Securities1/1/2006
Appendix III-20Guaranty Agreement - Ginnie Mae I Construction Loan Securities1/1/2006
Appendix III-21Certification Requirements for the Pooling of Multifamily Mature Loan Program8/7/2020
Appendix III-22Custodian's Certification for Construction SecuritiesHUD-117325/10/2023
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