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Ginnie Mae PTAP Assistance

As announced in APM 20-03, Ginnie Mae has revised and expanded its Pass-Through Assistance Program (“PTAP”) to assist Issuers in their administration of borrower relief efforts, including extended forbearance, in response to the COVID-19 national emergency, while still ensuring that Ginnie Mae’s statutory duty to pay timely and full principal and interest payments to MBS holders is honored.

This page provides current information on current PTAP assistance interest rates for Issuers, volumes of PTAP assistance over the past 30 days, as well as supplemental information on the extent of delinquencies in Ginnie Mae’s portfolio.

The posted interest rate applies to both the Single Family and Multifamily versions of PTAP.
Current PTAP Rate
Rate updated 12/2/2021
PTAP Assistance: Advances and Repayments
Number of Advances in Month0
$ Total of Advances in Month$0
Number of Full Repayments in Month0
$ Total of Advances Repaid in Month$198,264
Issuers with Advances Outstanding at Month-end1
Total Advanced and Outstanding at Month-end$0
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Supplemental Liquidity Information
Total Principal Outstanding$1,928,141,414,459
Total Principal DQ$141,597,454,731
DQ %7.34%
Total Scheduled P&I from Borrowers$9,762,144,760
Total DQ P&I From Borrowers$729,115,772
Total DQ P&I to Security Holders [PTAP MAX]$673,617,167
DQ Ginnie Mae Guaranty Fee$70,798,727
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Last Modified: 3/18/2022 10:04 PM