Environmental, Social, and Governance
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Ginnie Mae MBS collateral reflects our mission to serve households nationwide with a special emphasis on low-to-moderate income, rural, inner-city, and historically underserved populations including indigenous communities. Supporting access to homeownership and mortgage affordability since 1968.

Our Low-to-Moderate Income disclosures were the product of numerous dialogues with investors and institutions in support of advancing housing equity.

Providing ESG Metrics not only gives visibility into key data points, but allows investors to gain deeper insight into the composition of the communities Ginnie Mae directly serves, which can drive additional investment activity in service of those communities.

We have assembled a composite below of various disclosures that Ginnie Mae produces each month. This visual framework is investor friendly in quickly communicating the various aspects of ESG integral to Ginnie Mae MBS.​​​


Last Modified: 7/27/2023 1:39 PM