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Brand Policy &​ Logo Usage

These rules apply to any party wishing to use Ginnie Mae’s trademarks, service marks, logos, word marks, graphics and similar intellectual property in promotional, advertising, instructional or reference materials, on websites, printed materials or in connection with products or services

​Ginnie Mae does not allow the use of its registered logo on any third-party website or materials, including print materials, as this can be misconstrued as an official government form, notice, or document that is authored, approved, or endorsed by Ginnie Mae. Our Brand Elements (trademarks or logos) should only be used when Ginnie Mae explicitly gives written permission, and that usage is restricted to the guidelines outlined by an authorized representative of Ginnie Mae.

Furthermore, alteration or modification of Ginnie Mae’s logo is strictly prohibited. If you have any questions about the use of Ginnie Mae’s logo, please send an e-mail to ​​

Last Modified: 10/14/2020 3:25 PM