Careers at Ginnie Mae
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Distinguished Mission – Ginnie Mae has a distinguished history dating back to President Lyndon B. Johnson. Today, Ginnie Mae securities are the only mortgage-backed securities that offer the full faith and credit guaranty of the United States government. In a single step, the issuance of Ginnie Mae mortgage-backed securities converts individual mortgages into safe, liquid securities for investors around the world. Ginnie Mae thus helps channel global capital into American housing markets, helping make more mortgages available.

Influence on Policy – Ginnie Mae employees research, analyze, and inform policy decision-makers on current and emerging housing mortgage system issues facing the United States. Your work plays a role in shaping the economy of not only our country, but also that of foreign countries.

Professional Work Environment - Our work environment offers open communication and respect of individual contributions so employees are motivated and empowered to perform their job.

Public Service – Ginnie Mae challenges you – on your very first day – to ask yourself, “What can I do today to help make Ginnie Mae the “best-in-class” conduit for bringing capital into the American housing mortgage system with minimal risk to the American taxpayer?” Ginnie Mae employees work together to face and meet the American housing mortgage system economic challenges, while continuing to strive for better results for U.S. taxpayers.

Learning and Growth – Energetic and talented employees work together to collaborate with one another to create a continuous environment of learning. As the nature of our work continues to change and grow, we work to ensure our employees are prepared to meet the challenge. You will have the opportunity to hit the ground running, learning, and gaining experience every day.

Multi-Stage Career Opportunities – Ginnie Mae has unique opportunities for professionals at any career level. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking for a later career-challenge as a bridge to retirement, we have a place for you.

Location, Location, Location – Ginnie Mae headquarters is located in southwest Washington, DC, at 425 3rd St SW. We are located one block from Federal Center SW Metro (Blue, Orange and Silver Lines). The office is within walking distance of restaurants, shops, Smithsonian Institution museums, and the United States Capital.

Flexible Schedules and Work/Life Balance – We recognize that each employee has unique personal interests and responsibilities to balance with a busy work schedule. In addition to 10 paid holidays, 13–26 vacation days (depending on service), and 13 days of sick leave each year, your manager may be able to offer you flexible work schedules and/or telework options to help you balance work and family.

Competitive Salaries and Benefits – We provide competitive salaries and benefits to include great health coverage and retirement plans, 401(k)-type investment plans including matching options, life and long term care insurance, and flexible spending accounts. In addition to our salary and benefits package, we offer generous transit subsidies, on-site health offices, fitness centers, and child care programs.

Diversity – We recognize the value of a diverse workforce and strive to ensure an environment where every individual can advance to his or her full potential.​​​

Last Modified: 1/11/2021 12:32 PM