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An Update on Blockchain at Ginnie Mae

The use of Blockchain technology is growing at Ginnie Mae and throughout the federal government. Here, at Ginnie Mae, we’re deploying blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) to our processes, freeing finance staff to work on more value-added tasks. Ginnie Mae’s Innovation Lab is leading this internal effort and recently joined with U.S Federal Housing Blockchain Network (HBN), a community of solvers dedicated to exploring how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies may benefit U.S. housing finance and home ownership.

The current housing finance system remain paper intensive and reliant on processes that were developed decades ago. The Blockchain Network will serve as a central gathering point for Government innovators, technical and non-technical, interested in improving mortgage and mortgage securitization processes for Mortgage-backed Securities (MBS).

The Blockchain network intends to cultivate awareness and education through a number of mediums:

  • Blockchain Idea Campaigns on Crowdsourced Idea Platform
  • Symposiums
  • Virtual Lunch and Learns​
  • Blockchain Ecosystem Alliances

In fostering these government connections, while also staying in close communication with the private sector, Ginnie Mae is harnessing the wisdom-of-crowds to uncover innovative concepts, methods, technologies, and tools to rapidly evolve the mortgage lifecycle from origination through securitization across the entire U.S. Federal Housing ecosystem.

This effort is the latest on the part of Ginnie Mae to deploy technologies that modernize the mortgage process. In 2021, Ginnie Mae settled more than $2.1 billion of digital ​MBS, and anticipates more volume in 2022 as we open up participation to additional issuers.

Ginnie Mae is embracing technology throughout its business and is excited about the time ahead.