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Stakeholder Letters

Ginnie Mae Leverages Key Outreach Opportunities to Influence Customers and Thought Leaders
Published Date: 6/15/2014 1:00 AM

Ginnie Mae has recently engaged in outreach efforts aimed at increasing our influence in the industry, including holding Issuer Roundtable meetings, meeting with industry leaders at the Mortgage Bankers of America’s National Secondary Market Conference, and highlighting the important role Ginnie Mae plays in housing finance at the World Bank’s Sixth Global Housing Finance Conference.

Issuer Roundtables
In April we hosted two Issuer Roundtable meetings for the fifth consecutive year. Over the years we have found these meetings to be an increasingly important tool for us and our Issuers. The small group settings provide an opportunity for us to hear honest feedback about the Ginnie Mae program, and to hear the challenges our issuers face on the front lines.

Through the years we’ve tweaked the format of the Issuer Roundtables to make them more impactful and leverage the information provided that allows us to be more supportive of all aspects of our Issuer base.

To improve the meetings, we decided to formalize the process and move away from holding them in conjunction with industry conferences. In addition, we structured the sessions so that one focused on issues facing smaller Issuers and the other on matters impacting larger Issuers.

This year the two sessions were held on April 21 and April 28 in Washington, DC. To further increase the quality and utility of the dialogue, we invited senior representatives of each of the Issuers, as well as housing industry and policy experts, and representatives from various federal agencies, including the Federal Housing Administration and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. This gave issuers the forum to ask questions about the environment in Washington, D.C. and what the future may hold.

Key members of Ginnie Mae’s leadership team, including Executive Vice President Mary Kinney and Senior Vice President Michael Drayne, were also present.

MBA National Secondary Market Conference
The Mortgage Bankers Association’s Secondary Market Conference gave us another opportunity to work closely with our Issuers and industry leaders. We had around 80 meetings with lenders and other industry stakeholders.

Speaking on the panel, "An Update from the Agencies," gave me the opportunity to detail our continued focus on efficiency of our business operation and enhancing our securitization platform.

Nicole Jackson, a senior analyst, addressed Ginnie Mae’s enterprise data management strategy during the "Data Quality, Privacy, and Standards" panel. During this panel, Nicole also explained how our data quality program allows us to manage and track quality of data from Issuers and support pooling them for MBS. She touched on the importance of privacy, loan level disclosures, and standards as well.

Global Housing Finance Conference
The Sixth Global Housing Finance Conference, sponsored by the World Bank, was another chance for Ginnie Mae to engage international counterparts in a dialogue about affordable housing finance, in both their countries and the United States.

More than 40 countries from developed and emerging markets participated in the conference. Delegates repeatedly referenced Ginnie Mae’s business model as the aspirational goal for housing finance institutions in their countries. It was humbling to see the credibility and significance that the Ginnie Mae mortgage guarantee model has across the globe.

Many countries are increasingly focusing on new ways to increase access to affordable housing finance. In this journey, international finance and government leaders clearly understand the value and strength of Ginnie Mae’s model as they seek to learn from it and put it into practice with their countries’ housing finance institutions.

During my session at the World Bank’s Housing Finance Conference, I spoke candidly about affordable housing and how Ginnie Mae supports the U.S. housing market through Ginnie Mae’s guarantee of timely payments on mortgage-backed securities for federally insured and guaranteed loans such as the Federal Housing Administration, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and the Department of Agriculture.

I shared information about the wide array of support that Ginnie Mae’s guaranty provides for homeownership, affordable rental housing, assistance living, and home equity conversion mortgages.

All of this outreach helps make Ginnie Mae even more successful by efficiently aligning the interests of Issuers, credit risk insurers, investors, and Ginnie Mae. The result is Ginnie Mae’s continued recognition as a global housing finance leader: providing safety and liquidity, which is at the heart of our guaranty.