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Connect on What’s Happening in the Government Housing Finance Sector
It is a pleasure to bring you this first message from our new Ginnie Mae insights blog: Housing, Analysis and Policy Spotlight, or HAPS. I am grateful to the Biden-Harris Administration and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Fudge for the opportunity as Ginnie Mae's 18th President to play an important role in shaping our government housing finance programs. I have been busy since my arrival on the job, meeting with all of the Ginnie Mae staff and working to solidify our strategic plan and roadmap for the future. I have engaged with key stakeholders and partners, both domestically and abroad, who are integral to helping us meet our goals and realize our core mission to provide the capital and liquidity to make affordable housing opportunities possible for the American people and our communities.  

For 54 years, Ginnie Mae has been a pillar of the United States housing finance system. We have enabled access and capital for affordable housing projects in the single- and multifamily space, and worked with investors around the globe to attract capital that enables access to affordable housing and homeownership through our government guaranty. Through this blog, and other means, we plan to keep you informed on our transformational work, provide timely updates from our dedicated staff, and share with you how our strategy meets our mission in supporting America's housing finance needs.

Throughout the pandemic, we have all had to adjust how we work and the Ginnie Mae workforce has adapted and thrived while working remotely for nearly two years. We have successfully managed our core business securitization operations and implemented new initiatives with consistency and quality to provide liquidity and support through the pandemic. Regular and clear communication will continue to be central to success as we adapt to a highly digital state of doing business, and we recognize that we must connect and get information out in consumable and timely ways.

In my early days on the job, we have assessed and reimagined how we engage with stakeholders and investors. As a part of that effort, we have added new communication channels to reach a wider audience and ensure greater transparency around our work: We launched my official Twitter account (@GNMA_​McCargo); expanded the audience of our official corporate account (@GinnieMaeGov); and are leveraging other platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and podcasts to share critical market updates, new product information, and trainings from Ginnie Mae.

As part of our renewed communication efforts, we are launching HAPS as a housing finance insights blog platform and will use it as a key vehicle to share the latest from Ginnie Mae across government and industry, and information about the impact our securitization programs are having on both Main Street and Wall Street. I will use this forum to write and share overall progress with you, and our expert staff will share more about the great work they are doing in service to the American people and communities in partnership with mortgage issuers and with the global investment community.

Thanks for supporting and tuning into the HAPS at Ginnie Mae.

You can subscribe for updates and follow me (@GNMA_McCargo) and Ginnie Mae (@GinnieMaeGov) on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to stay engaged with us and tune in to our Capital Markets Live podcast.

About the Author:
Alanna McCargo is the 18th President of Ginnie Mae. She previously served as Senior Advisor for Housing Finance for HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge and has spent over two decades working in housing finance and affordable housing policy. She was Vice President of the Housing Finance Policy Center at the Urban Institute and held senior leadership roles at Fannie Mae and JP Morgan Chase. Her full bio can be found here.

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